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This category of tasks as an essay came to our educational institutions quite recently, but has already gained popularity among teachers, especially in literature. An essay is a short story, a description of a concept or object on behalf of the author, in which the author’s impressions and thoughts about this should be expressed.

At the moment, these tasks are found both in schools and universities, moreover – writing an essay is sometimes required during recruitment – thus the employer can evaluate not only the specialist’s literacy, but also his way of thinking, the ability to describe his or her various strengths and achievements.

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  • Warranty rework valid for a certain period. If the paper is written more than this period – it is already forgotten and it has to be re-read, remember what and how it was there, so in this case – we take additional payment for the remaking of the papers. To understand a paper written a long time ago it takes as much time as writing a new one.
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